Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt Features

The load-bearing body of the skeleton is made of high modulus low shrinkage polyester canvas or IW steel mesh or steel wire rope, coated with heat-resistant butyl benzene or EPDM frozen adhesive with good heat resistance performance, so that the finished product has good thermal stability. It is used in industries such as steel, cement, coking, chemical, and glass to transport various sintered semi-finished products, cement clinker, and various high-temperature powders or bulk materials with temperatures ranging from 100-300℃.

According to the different temperatures of the conveyed materials, heat-resistant conveyor belts can be divided into grades T1, T2, T3, T4, etc.


Cover Grade


Working Temperature Range


Peak Temp In Short Period

T1型 -20°C~+100°C 140°C
T2型 -20°C~+125°C 175°C
T3型 -20°C~+150°C 220°C
T4型 -20°C~+180°C 300°C
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